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Tour de Europe self drive holidayOUR ITINERARY:

Our exclusive itineray for 2018 takes us on an interesting driving tour and scenic holiday that will give you decades of memories.

Starting in Amsterdam, we head down through Belgium for the French border and the WW1 Australian memorial at Villers Bretoneux. Next we drive south towards the town of Le Mans, home to the 24 hour race and a significant town in its own right. The next morning is a trip to the wine growing area of Bordeaux. Leaving Bordeaux, our next stop is Bilbao in Basque country. The futuristic Guggenheim museum is a major attraction. We continue along the coastline, passing through Santiago de Campostella and travelling all the way through Portugal to the capital Lisbon.

Leaving Lisbon, we head back into Spain with stops at Seville and the Alhambra at Granada before hitting Madrid for a few days. During the time in Madrid, we'll take a side trip by aeroplane to the Casbah in Marrakech. After returning to Madrid, we're on the road again to the finish in Barcelona via Valencia.

Our itinerary is designed to take you to places away from the tourist haunts, where you can employ the flexibility that a car gives you and travel at the speed at which you feel comfortable while taking in the history, culture and scenery that Europe has to offer. Each night you can meet up with your fellow travellers for a shared drink or meal or both or even do your own thing.

Tour de Europe 2018 Route for self drive holiday



Day 1 Australian WW1 memorial/Menin Gate
Day 2 Le Mans Cathederal
Day 3-5 Bordeaux wine region
Day 6 Guggenhiem Museum, Bilbao
Day 9-11 Lisbon
Day 11 Seville
Day 12 Alhambra, Granada
Day 13-15 Madrid
Day 16-18 Marrakech
Day 20 Valencia
Day 21-23 Barcelona



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