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Welcome to Tour de Europe. We strive to give you a memorable 'bucket list' holiday. One on which you have more control than a routine tour, One on which you are able to create your own experiences and there is truly a new experience around each corner.

When you're planning your next European adventure, are the following requirements important or critical to the enjoyment of your holiday:

  Are you adventurous, sociable and looking for new experiences that other tours can't provide?
  Do you like doing something different to the 'run-of-the mill' tours?
  Do you like the flexibility and convenience that travelling by car provides?
  Do you like having the car parked at your hotel ready to go when you are?
  Do you like the idea of having a knowledgable tour director travelling with the group and able to provide comprehensive insights into the areas your tour travels through?
  Do you prefer 4 and 5 star hotels?


If you tick most or all of the boxes, then you should consider Tour de Europe for your experience provider. Tour de Europe ticks all these boxes and more. Its a 20 day adventure to places few people go, staying at luxury hotels, driving brand new cars and offering a new experience around every corner. Browse over the itinerary and see where we're going and what is available on the way. Our clients keep coming back because they are doing something out of the ordinary. You're not sitting in a bus all day being led around by the nose, Tour de Europe gives you the freedom and flexibility to create your own experiences.

Our next tour: AMSTERDAM TO BERLIN, 7th July to 27th July 2017

Note: For groups of 8 or more, we can customise the itinerary or even design a completely new itinerary just for you!

Questions? - call 0418 348 085 (from Australia) or +61 418 348 085 (International)